What to wear to a family meeting

Advice About What to wear to a family meeting

Family meetings are usually held to discuss important family matters and make decisions as a group. Many times family members will have differing opinions and agendas, so doing whatever you can to gain the confidence of your other family members to sway them in your favor is helpful. Dressing professionally and appropriately is an important part of this and can help you get your view on the table.

The level of formality in your dress should match the seriousness of the topic being discussed. Simple family meetings where there are few contentious issues don't require you to dress up, but matters with more serious matters such as dividing up a lost ones possessions warrant more formal dress. Either way however, business casual clothing can be appropriate.

A business casual outfit on the more casual side includes a pair of light colored dress pants including khakis and chinos, a dress shirt and brown shoes. A more formal outfit consists of darker wool dress pants, a long-sleeved button-down dress shirt, black leather shoes and a sport coat.

Useful Tips

  • If you want to take control of the meeting, dress the part

  • Dress appropriately for the location of the meeting

  • First think about how other family members will dress - you don't want to seem out of place

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