What to wear to a family reunion

Advice About What to wear to a family reunion

Some people love family reunions, other people dread them. One thing to remember is that during them, you will probably be judged by your relatives, so to make a good impression, you'll want to dress appropriately. Often you will run into people you haven't seen in many years and might not see for many years to come, so dress well and give them a good impression of you that they will have for years to come.

For indoor events such as dinners or parties, business casual attire on the less formal end is appropriate. This entails wearing a dress shirt, dress pants such as khakis or chinos (light colors are ok) and brown shoes. For any events that are less formal such as outdoor barbeques, business casual might be too formal and more casual clothing such as a pair of jeans and a polo shirt may be more appropriate.

Useful Tips

  • Aim to dress at least as or more formal than the other attendees

  • Typically family reunions fall on the less-formal spectrum of formality

  • Leave ties to the older generation

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