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Business Casual Etiquette And Dress Code

As with many fashion concepts and styles, there is no single rule of etiquette for the business casual dress code. Although the formal definition of business casual offers a general rule of thumb for men, actual business casual etiquette varies by region, industry, and even company.

For example, in California, Jeans might be acceptable business casual attire, but on the East Coast anything less than dark wool pants might be considered too casual. In additional to the region, industry and company pages linked above, below are some general rules of thumb, guidelines and concrete business casual examples about what is considered appropriate business casual attire.

Always Considered Business Casual

Usually Considered Business Casual

Rarely Considered Business Casual

  • Polo Shirts

  • Clean-Cut Jeans

Never Considered Business Casual

  • Sandals

  • Shorts

  • Suits

  • T-shirts

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Ties

  • Tuxedos

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