What to wear to a dance club

Advice About What to wear to a dance club

Dance Clubs are happening places and generally have their own genre of clothing, but a stylish business casual outfit can fit in well and even help you stand out in a good way. In the sea of crazy printed t-shirts and jeans, a business casual look can give you an aura of professionalism and maturity. Furthermore, many of the nicer dance clubs have clothing requirements for nice shoes and shirts....in settings like these you can't go wrong with a stylish business casual outfit.

Light colored pants and chinos should be avoided for a dance club; they will make you stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, wear a nice pair of well fitted dark pants and a stylish button down long-sleeved shirt. Pair this up with black shoes, belts and socks. Additionally, dance-club shirts are typically white, grey or dark in color. Avoid pastel colors like yellows, greens and purples.

Finally, dance clubs represent another location where mixing jeans with traditional business casual outfits works. Don't wear any jeans though, but make sure they are dark in color and trendy. Be careful though since some higher end clubs will not allow jeans and require traditional pants.

Useful Tips

  • Check the dress code before going - usually nice shoes and a shirt is required, but sometimes the dress code is more strict

  • You'll never get turned away from a club for looking too good

  • Mixing jeans with business casual shirts and shoes has become a popular style

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