What to wear to an ultra lounge

Advice About What to wear to an ultra lounge

Ultra Lounges are the latest invention in the party scene. Serving as a midway point between bars and dance clubs, they often are not the main event of the night but simply a stop along the way. With that in mind, be sure to think about where you plan to go before and after when choosing an outfit. Overall though, ultra lounges are trendy and require stylish clothing appropriate for a dance club or nice bar.

Like at a nice bar or dance club, nice clothes are appropriate for ultra lounges. Light colored and cotton pants should be avoided and dark pants or jeans are expected. Matching shirts, shoes and socks are a must and sport coats are common and recommended if you want to look dressier.

Useful Tips

  • Also keep in mind where else you are planning to visit that night

  • Wear what you would wear to a trendy night club or bar

  • Keep it stylish?.no light colored pants or chinos

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