What to wear to a happy hour

Advice About What to wear to a happy hour

Happy hours are relaxing events where people often let their guard down and don't worry about what they are wearing. This is a travesty because happy hours are great ways to meet new friends, clients, business partners, etc. The last thing you want is to be dressed poorly when making a first impression. To that end, for happy hours at nicer bars and restaurants, business casual clothing should be worn.

Happy hours usually take place in the evening after work, so typically what you wear to work is appropriate. If you are dressed formally for work, you will probably want to dress down to a more business casual level to fit in with other patrons. If you have been dressed more casually during the day, don't hesitate to put on a nice pair of pants and button down down shirt. As always, shoes, belts and socks should match with the rest of the outfit.

Useful Tips

  • Happy hours are a great way to meet new people. Look your best!

  • Watch out for people spilling red wine and other drinks that might stain your clothes

  • Standing at happy hours is common. Wear comfortable shoes

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