What to wear to a bar

Advice About What to wear to a bar

Bars historically conjure the image of smoky, dark and dirty places unfit for business casual clothing, but the modern bar is much different. It is a sleek, trendy place and more and more commonly is smoke free. Along with this modern image is a modern attire of business casual bar clothes. Without a fear of getting your clothes all smoky, bars now are the perfect place for business casual clothing. Because people often go to bars to meet new people, its important to look good.

Trendier business casual clothes are usually better for today's modern bars. This includes dark wool pants, black shoes and a clean long-sleeve buttoned down shirts with matching belt and socks. sport coats are also very common and a great way to stand out from the rest of the riff-raff. Less formal chinos and other light colored clothing is less trendy and more suited for the golf course.

That said, bars are one location where jeans have become an important addition and can be included in a business casual outfit. Mixing a stylish pair of dark jeans with nice shoes and a long-sleeved dress shirt can provide a trendy modern look.

Useful Tips

  • Bars are one place where a mix of business casual and jeans works

  • If bars in your area still allow smoking, be mindful of wearing your cleanest clothes since they will return smelling of smoke

  • Dressing up at a bar can help you stand out and get the attention you may want

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