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Business Casual Attire From Dockers

Brand Description

Dockers is one of hte most comprehensive and affordable business brands that we offer. Providing a full line up of mens' business casual shirts, pants, sport coats and suits, a man can find any professional clothing item he needs from Dockers. Furhtermore, Docker's clothing items are some of the most reasonably priced items offered. For any man who needs to look professional on a budget, Dockers is a great choice.

However, men should note that with the lower price of Dockers items comes some loss in formality and professionalism. Dockers attire is usually produced with fabrics that are not the most formal (cotton pants & synthetic sportcoats). This can possibly result in giving off a somewhat amateur impression in the most formal situations. Overall though, unless you are working in an industry with extremely high standards or goign to be interacting with fashion-conscious professionals, clothing items from Dockers can make a great choice.

Brand Availability

Docker's clothing items are sold at a number of department stores around the country. More specifically, attire from Dockers can be found at,,,, and .

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