What to wear to a birthday party

Advice About What to wear to a birthday party

Birthday parties are usually fun and exciting for both the person of honor and guests. There is no typical location or event type for a birthday party so it's important to recognize what kind or party it is going to be and the location it is going to be held before picking out an outfit. For a birthday part outside the home, review our other advice articles and wear an appropriate article for the setting the birthday is being held at. The following information pertains to birthday parties at a home.

For birthdays at a persons home, a little more judgment is required depending on the guests, location, time of day and activities planned. Casual clothing is appropriate for a children's outdoor barbeque style party, while more formal attire is appropriate for a night-time catered dinner for adults. That said, no matter what the occasion, a business casual outfit is typically appropriate for a birthday. Birthdays will rarely require more formal attire (the invitation will make it clear if it is) and it's always better to be more well dressed than less!

For more casual birthdays (those in the summer, for children, hosted outside), less casual clothing including lighter colored pants and chinos are appropriate. Jeans and polo shirts may even be appropriate. For more formal dinner-style birthdays, dark dress pants and a long sleeved dress shirt with matching shoes, socks and belt is appropriate.

Useful Tips

  • If the party is held outside the home, review our advice for that particular location

  • How does the guest of honor typically dress - this could be an indication of the dress code

  • If it's a surprise party, don't dress abnormally?it might give away the party

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