What to wear to a high school graduation

Advice About What to wear to a high school graduation

High school graduations are important days for the graduate and his/her family. Graduation day represents years of effort and is often a symbolic transition into adulthood. Because of this, high school graduations are typically formal affairs.

Because of their formal nature, suits or business casual outfits including a sport coat are usually required. However, high school graduations typically occur in early summer when temperatures are high. Outside in the sun or in stuffy un-air-conditioned gymnasiums can lead to unpleasant surroundings, so light-weight and light-colored clothing is appropriate.

A nice dress shirt with light-colored dress pants and sport coat is appropriate for a high school graduation. Darker colored pants and sport coats can also be worn, but may end up being too hot depending on the setting.

Useful Tips

  • Ceremonies are often outdoors, so dress in lighter colors and fabrics

  • Ceremonies can take many hours, so wear something comfortable

  • The dress code might vary by location in the country. Check our advice about business casual for different regions of the count

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