What to wear to court

Advice About What to wear to court

An appearance in court represents a serious occasion for all involved. Whether the defendant or plaintiff or for a simple speeding ticket or serious infraction, dressing up for court is paramount. Wearing the proper clothing to court will not only give you a professional appearance that can improve your chances of success, but it also expected and the norm in many locations.

Business casual attire on the more formal end is recommended for a court appearance. This includes dark dress pants, black shoes, a long sleeved dress shirt and a sport coat. All of these should be very traditional in plain colors and prints. The courts and the judges that provide over them are usually older and more traditional, so you will want your image to appeal to them.

Important: Although we do not consider ties to be a part of a business casual outfit, we do recommend them for court appearances. The traditional and conservative feel they provide is important to the courts.

Useful Tips

  • Wear a tie - not typically business casual, but highly recommended for courts

  • Look your best to provide the best impression

  • Keep it traditional - no bright colors or flashy designs

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