What to wear to a reunion

Advice About What to wear to a reunion

Reunions are times to get back in touch with people you haven't seen in years. Whether a grammar school, high school, college, workplace, or any other type of reunion, these are great times to re-connect. Because you likely haven't seen many of these people in many year or won't see them for years to come, it's important that you leave them with a good impressions. To do so you need to dress well.

The dress code for a reunion should match the appropriate dress code for the place that the reunion is held (restaurant, bar, etc). At a minimum however, you should dress professionally in a business casual outfit. Lighter colored pants and shoes are not recommend, but darker pants and black shoes are suggested to give a more formal appearance. Like with any other business casual outfit, this should be accompanied by a long-sleeve dress shirts and matching belt.

Useful Tips

  • Dress appropriately for the venue of the reunion

  • The nicer you dress, the better impression you will leave

  • Aim to dress at least as or more formal than the other attendees

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