What to wear on a first date

Advice About What to wear on a first date

A first date is an extremely important event that can spur a long healthy relationship or end in failure. To help you improve your odds, you'll want to look good and put your best foot forward. No matter what the date activity is or where it is held, dress a little more formal than other people in the location to stand out. Your date will notice this and like it!

Business casual attire is perfect for a first date. It is professional, clean cut and looks good. Avoid any temptations you have to dress down so that you feel more comfortable and instead choose a nice looking business casual outfit. This includes a nice long sleeve dress shirt, nice pants, matching shoes and matching belts & socks.

Darker colored and more formal wool pants should be worn for a formal date such as a dinner, while lighter colored khakis can be worn for more active dates that take place outside. sport coats are usually not recommended unless the date location/event requires them. The may create a setting that is too formal. Additionally, nice-looking jeans may sometimes be appropriate for outdoor dates if paired with an appropriate shirt and pair of shoes

Useful Tips

  • First impressions are important, so look your best

  • Avoid wearing a sport coat unless the date location/event requires it

  • Make sure your shoes are clean and polished

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