What to wear to a house party

Advice About What to wear to a house party

House parties come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the appropriate dress code varies with it. Depending on the time of year, time of day, setting and personality of the host, there are a wide array of appropriate outfits. That said, you can never go wrong wearing business casual clothes to a house party. At best you'll fit in perfectly and at worst you'll look a little nicer than the other guests. It's always better to look nicer than not.

For parties during the summer that are outdoors or early during the day, typically nice casual clothing is appropriate. For any event at night, indoors and during the winter months, more formal clothing is required. At a minimum this includes nice shoes, khaki pants/chinos and a collared shirt. Depending on the host's style and intention of the event, more formal clothing may be required. This includes nice dark pants, black shoes and a full-button down collared shirt with matching socks. For the most formal occasions, a sport coat is appropriate.

Useful Tips

  • This about the hosts style. Do they like to dress more formally or casually?

  • Think about who else is invited. How do they like to dress?

  • Consider the time of day and if the party is indoors or outdoors

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