What to wear to work on the weekend

Advice About What to wear to work on the weekend

No one likes to work on the weekend, but unfortunately in today's fast paced word economy, it is becoming expected more and more. In some industries such as consulting and banking, working on the weekend is more typical norm than having the day off. Although many men assume that working on the weekend gives them the freedom to wear anything they like, this is not the case. Although men can and undoubtedly should be able to dress more casually when working on the weekends, they should still maintain a respectable appearance. While looking decent may seem unreasonable for the weekend, maintaining a respectable appearance can go a long way in the bosses eye.

A long-sleeved button down shirt and nice dress pants are not required for the weekend, but men should still at a minimum wear a shirt with a collar. Short sleeve polos that are tucked in are appropriate with a pair of nice jeans or khakis. Shorts are typically not appropriate unless the company culture approves of it. Shoes can be less formal as well, but should not be tennis shoes. Brown loafers or other comfortable shoes are appropriate.

Useful Tips

  • If work on the weekend requires meeting with a client, more formal business casual clothes should be worn

  • If work will be conducted in a non-office environment, more casual attire might be acceptable

  • It never hurts to check what others are planning to wear

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