What to wear to work on a casual day

Advice About What to wear to work on a casual day

Many companies that have adopted a business casual dress code will have one day a week that employees can dress more casually. Typically takes place on a Friday and is intended to let employees feel more comfortable. For companies on the more formal side of business casual, these casual days may mean that an employee can wear khakis or other light colored pants...but still with a nice dress shirt. For less casual companies, jeans and a polo t-shirt may be appropriate.

Other companies will refer to these more casual days as, Jeans Fridays. On these days, employees are encouraged to wear jeans. Although this policy is welcoming, men should still wear jeans in a more formal manner than they are used to. Men should continue to wear a long-sleeved dress shirt with the jeans and be sure to tuck it in and match it with a nice belt and pair of brown shoes. In more casual settings, the long-sleeved shirt can be replaced with a polo or other colored shirts, but again, this shirt should be tucked in. Overall, t-shirts should never be worn on these days and are not appropriate attire.

Useful Tips

  • Different companies have different expectations about what is appropriate for a casual day

  • If wearing jeans, ensure that they are well kept and be sure to tuck in your sure

  • Casual days are no excuse for wearing dirty clothes or clothes that do not match

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