What to wear to a business dinner

Advice About What to wear to a business dinner

One will have to attend many business dinners throughout a career. Dinners with clients, interview lunches, team dinners, and industry dinners are all common types of business dinners you may be required to attend. As with any business occasion, your reputation is on the line, so you want to make sure you present the right image and are dressed appropriately. For a business dinner, this involves wearing proper clothing for the restaurant selected and keeping your clothes clean during the meal.

Business casual clothing is typically acceptable for a business dinner, but often more formal clothing is required. Mae sure you check the invitation or inquire with the venue about the appropriate dress code. At a minimum, a nice pair of dark pants and a long sleeved dress shirt should be worn along with matching dress shoes. If is often common and recommended to wear a sport coat to the dinner, especially in more upscale restaurants. You can always take the jacket off during the meal, but it should be worn.

Useful Tips

  • Check the event invitation to ensure that a suit is not required

  • Order foods that aren't likely to spill on your clothes (dishes with lots of sauce)

  • Wearing a sport coat is an easy way to spruce up your image for a dinner

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